Saturday, July 04, 2020

Basic Scenery for Untergröningen (2)

[ part 1 ]

The trackwork for Untergröningen segment three is complete. Time for getting basic scenery done to match the first two segments. The prototype location has a lot of gravel around the tracks. I'm using Woodland Scenics Fine Grey Blend (B1393) for this base layer glued down with white glue.

While I'm working on the segment, I'm watching a cab view video of a freight train traveling from Untertürkheim to Nürnberg via the Murrbahn. It's nice to see the prototype locations. To my horror, I saw that the freight shed in Backnang has been torn down. What a pity, I had planned to take more photos and measurements during my next Germany trip.

Next comes dirt and grass. Fine dirt from the backyard, Scenery Express 2mm Late Summer fibers, with some Noch 6mm Wildgrass fibers for accents.

I don't know yet when I'll build the ramp for the tail track, nor how big it's going to be. I finished the scenery into the right hand corner so that it looks complete. This area will need to be adjusted when I build the ramp. I'll worry about that later.

Here's a view of the current state.

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