Friday, July 03, 2020

SVL: Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Car with Streaming Video

We're still tuning the software and streaming setup, but the hardware looks feasible.

This is a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the Zero Spy Cam and a Juicebox Zero battery board connected to a 2000mAh Li-Ion battery. A completely self-contained camera setup that easily fits on a HO flat car and can stream video over existing Wifi. If I stack the components more intelligently, it fits on a much shorter car, too.

During the Show&Tell at tonight's club meeting, we demonstrated the setup at the workbench and on the Welztalbahn.

Members on the video conference were able to observe the trip with only a few seconds delay. This worked much better than expected.

So far, so good. The real test will be trying this out at the club.

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modorney said...

This is awesome!