Saturday, July 25, 2020


On our second attempt this weekend, we did get to see Comet NEOWISE. Despite all the hype, so far I hadn't bothered to try and catch it. Tonight Tatjana and I drove out to Barker Pass, which has nice open views near the Pacific Crest Trail trailhead.
And indeed after sunset, as the sky darkened and the stars came out, the comet showed up prominently on camera. Once we knew where to look exactly, we could barely make out the comet with the naked eye, too.

The photo above is taken on a Canon T7i with kit lens, 20 seconds exposure, ISO 3200. I zoomed in all the way to get a close-up, too. This photo is taken with 30 seconds exposure. Movement of the earth is clearly visible with exposure that long, so the stars turn into streaks. However, the comet's tail is coming out more pronounced that way.

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