Friday, July 17, 2020

My first SWD Fredi

Tonight I built my first SWD Fredi. The instructions are easy to follow, but only accessible to FREMO members. I have two kits. One was built tonight. I guess I'll do the other one tomorrow.

The main board comes partially assembled. All the SMD parts are installed, and I just need to do the regular sized parts like connectors, LEDs, and buttons.

LEDs are soldered to the board. Moving on to the buttons.

Finally, I work on the direction switch and the speed knob. 

A locomotive gets assigned to the Fredi by dispatching it from another throttle connected to LocoNet. Hold Shift + Emergency Stop on the Fredi and the locomotive address is programmed. I tried this out with an UT4 on the Welztalbahn and it worked just fine.

The next time I'll attend a FREMO meet, I can contribute to the meet with a locomotive or two. Meanwhile, the SWD Fredi is a great throttle for the switching jobs on the Welztalbahn where changing of loco address is not required.

Update July 18, 2020:

The other Fredi is now also built.

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