Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hallelujah Papermill: Door 7

We're back at the dining table witnessing building surgery. The Dremel is helpful in making the required cuts.

Since this is my last chance of having the wall section flat on a work surface I cut the opening for Door 7 and used a baffle from Walthers "Magic Pan Bakeries" kit to create a weather-proof loading spot.

The roof is puzzled together from several pieces because there was no piece in the box that fit this section of the building. If I had paid a little bit more attention, I could have saved myself some work here. "Measure twice..." and then remember what you measured, instead of measuring a 3rd time and cutting the roof half an inch too short. In the end the roof will be covered with a gravel layer, so it doesn't matter much that the roof structure looks a bit cobbled together.

I let the glue dry completely over night because I need this piece to be stable for the next step.


Jeff Rose said...

Looking like the paper mill is coming along great. Need to get back to assembling my cannery now. Haha.

Bernhard Beck said...

Yes, I'm excited. I'll try to bring the warehouse down to the club tonight to verify dimensions and clearances again.