Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hallelujah Papermill: Plant Office

At first I thought there are parts missing for the plant office, until I realized that the vertical sections are not to be filled with additional plastic pieces, but rather be painted... Hrmpf. Fine. So I did. I spray-painted the walls in a more appealing color than the rather ugly gray molding they came in, and brush painted the vertical sections in Floquil Roof Brown, which creates this rather ugly color combination one often sees in seventies industrial buildings that want to be cool.

The main entrance door was indeed missing, though, along with the canopy over the entrance. The canopy was quickly made from a piece of flat roof. I decided to look at the club for the missing door ... and then changed my mind and built it from strip styrene.

I used Evergreen .030x.040 cut to size on the NWSL Chopper, and a strip of .010x.040 strip styrene for the floor piece.

After testing the fit with some adjustments, I spray painted the door frame and mounted it with the glass from the kit.

The office is quite a bit smaller than I expected, so I decided that it will be some kind of logistics and plant operation office, while the main office is in a nearby town. Because it is so small, I might have to build one more operations or shop building to fill the space along the paper making building.
I'll worry about that another day.

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