Saturday, May 16, 2015

Makerfaire 2015

May, time for Makerfaire. This time around the weather was overcast and not nearly as sweltering hot as the last couple times. 

We had fun this Saturday, but I do notice that the novelty has worn off. Yes, there's lots of cool stuff to look at, and yes, we recognized exhibits from last year. 

Nevertheless, there's always opportunity for surprises.

One of my favorite part is the combination of metal working, sculptures, and fire. There were several opportunities to press buttons and send some fire into the air.

The Megabot exhibit was well attended, but they had a weapon system failure during the show we saw, so the oversized paint guns did not splash a car in paint.

The "Mission Impossible" booth were one needs to pass through a web of laser beams to "steal" the glowing ball was quite popular.

Overall,  this was a good way to spend a Saturday. The proliferation of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3D printers continued. There was a vast supply of kits and add-ons on display in booths, and/or available for purchase, and I completely ignored them. If one wanted to see things that were not computer-connected or all-electronic, one had to look a little bit harder.

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