Sunday, May 31, 2015

Schrebergarten: Sheds

I had planned the garden spots in Talheim for a while, so I've been collecting various supplies for them over time. One of these is Noch's garden sheds kit. This is a set of small sheds made from laser-cut cardboard. I intend to use the two small sheds, but ended up building all three.

The kit comes with the appropriate glue, so there is no guesswork involved on that front. Putting it together is as easy as one might think (how hard could this possibly be?), and the resulting sheds are surprisingly sturdy.

Shed 1 was put together in no time and is a cute little building. The roof is made from rather thin cardboard. I'll need to take some care when working around these little sheds.

Shed 2 is slightly more involved, but came together quickly as well.

I messed up the wall angles a bit when gluing one side of Shed 3, but noticed it only when reviewing the finished building and wondered where that gap came from. So, as it turns out, while it is an easy kit to build, you still need to pay attention. I forgot to take a photo of Shed 3. Maybe some other day.

I need fences.

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