Sunday, May 31, 2015

Schrebergaerten in Talheim

The area between the Koef shed and the mainline in Talheim has an odd shape. In real life the prototype would allow creation of "Schrebergaerten" (garden spots) on such unusable property along the tracks. I can do the same.

In order to build the gardens off the layout, I cut a base piece from poster board.

I painted the board my standard earth brown, sifted fine sand into the wet paint, and left the board alone to dry, while working on something else.

A couple hours later, I returned to the board and ... well, that didn't work. The poster board had warped and the paper cover came off.

On the second try I used insulation board as the base, painted it, sifted sand, and left it to dry.

Time for some sheds.

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