Monday, May 25, 2015

Hallelujah Papermill: Kitbashing the Finished Paper Warehouse

The Finished Paper Warehouse for Hallelujah Paper needs to be modified to fit into the space I have for it.

I started off by fitting extra wall sections to extend the warehouse space.

Roofs were found in the boxes, too. Good.

Moving on to rebuilding the support structure, so that it is not as deep and a bit more solid.

Now comes the fun part: Shortening the north wall. I scribed the wall from the inside, and very carefully from the outside to get a clean cut.

I wanted a clean corner. So I need to remove the light brick work and the middle window, and replace it with an edge window fitted with brick work to the edge of the building.

Edge window moved

Cuts cleaned up, and some brick work fitted to the edge
When this building gets painted the remaining gaps from the gaps will mostly disappear. In the above photo I already installed the roof. Remember, one purpose of this building is to hide away the mine spur behind the paper mill. The middle section of the building hangs over the hidden track. The story goes that the spur actually curves away from the viewer into the back drop "leaving the room". To accomplish this effect I cut the roof at an angle to widen from the loading doors toward the middle of the building, and installed a roof edge suggesting that the building ends before the back drop.

The main warehouse section extends "into the back drop".

I've built up enough of the building that I now need to bring it down to the club to make sure it really fits into the space I have planned. Depending on clearance of the hidden track, I might have to cut more from the rear wall at the bottom of the picture, but I hope I can avoid that.

So far, so good. Let's see what this looks like on the layout tomorrow.

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