Tuesday, May 17, 2016

96 426 Stg, BDn Steuerwagen (Maerklin 43820)

I really wanted a "Hasenstall" cab car for use on the branch line of a future Epoch IV layout, that goes well with the Silberlinge cars I got last year. Had I paid attention when ordering, I would have noticed that this car is Epoch III. It has the pre-1968 old style car markings, and lacks the interior lights and current conducting couplers my other cars have. The car is slightly compressed length-wise (1:93), but that is only noticable when comparing with prototype photos, or a full-length 1:87 car right next to it. Like any long passenger cars, this model has significant overhang on the tight curves of the return loops on the Welztalbahn. That's what you get when you build with R1 and R2 curves...

That said, it's a nice model, runs well, and the cab end does have the proper lights package.

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