Monday, May 02, 2016

Hallelujah Paper Warehouse: Roof Details and Weathering

A couple weeks ago the paper warehouse got its roof treatment and today the walls got theirs. I overdid the front-wall of the covered loading dock and will try to tone that down a bit.

I made the gravel roofs with the same method I used on the paper making machine building 2 months ago, but due to the roofs being styrene I had no issues with glue this time. Various Walthers vents add some texture to the flat roofs.

The ladder and railings are kit-bashed from pieces in the left-overs stash.

Of course no kit goes together without a few mistakes. This time I let the glue for the fine ballast I used as gravel dry all the way before I attempted to clean the ballast off the base of walls where it should not have gone, because the last thing I wanted was to disturb the drying ballast. By the time I attempted to scrape off the ballast granules, they had fused with the underlying plastic and it was impossible to scrape them off without leaving marks and scratches. I did it anyways and then carefully applied some more wall paint to cover up the worst infractions ...

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