Saturday, May 28, 2016

Operations Session at Silicon Valley Lines

Yesterday, near the end of the session, Nowheres yard is full. While it looks like there is one open track, that's only because the switcher just moved a cut of cars to from A/D track #3 to the hump yard before I took the photo. 

Delayed train #226 dumped 20+ cars into the yard. Train #320, the Silicon/Paso turn, came in and terminates. Train #690, the Jacksonville turn, came in, and terminates. Train #235 from Jasper Junction terminates, too. So, we got to deal with 50 cars arriving pretty much all at once and needing to be processed. Thankfully, Tom1 helped with sorting cars for the next session, so with the yard really busy, we got a lot of work done.

The gondolas for train #444 are ready to go on A/D track #1. Some of the cars from #226 are stored on the siding next to the mainline. The BNSF engines on A/D track #2 belong to train #235 from Jasper Junction. The caboose next to them on A/D track #4 is from train #320.
A full yard means a busy evening and lots of fun, which is why I like writing about this yet again.

In other news, Jeff has finished the California Cooperative Canneries building, and it is gorgeous!

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