Saturday, May 21, 2016

Makerfaire 2016

Riding the funky bicycles is always fun. This one was particularly challenging.
Pascal and I once again went to Makerfaire in San Mateo. There was lots of cool stuff to see. Many things we knew, and still quite a few new ones.

Bent wood as planters, a very cool idea
This poser's glasses had fallen off. Pascal helped him.

The sandwriter was very cool.

As it makes it way across the faire it leaves behind messages
The dark hall was as colorful as ever

Pascal got a chance to conduct the delta robots of Light Play. There are motion sensors in the pod at the podium and the robots follow the movements of the hands.

Lighted sculpture made from masking tape
The Pacific Pinball Museum was back, too!
For the first few hours in the morning the crowds were manageable and lines reasonably short. However, by mid-afternoon the San Mateo fairgrounds were packed with people, and we called it a day.

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