Thursday, May 26, 2016

Decaling CNW S4 for Silicon Valley Lines

A little while ago I purchased two Bachmann CNW S4 switcher engines for use at Silicon Valley Lines. At the last Ops session, I used them in Nowheres Yard straight out of the box with some minor adjustments. They ran reasonably well, so now it is time to turn them into SVL locomotives.

CNW engines already have the proper green-yellow paint scheme, so I just need to remove the markings and apply the SVL decals. How hard could that possibly be?

I have to admit, I've never done that before. The markings on the cab sides on these Bachmann units came off quite easily with a rubber and some gentle pressure. For some stubborn bits I used a pencil eraser.

The engine numbers on the front and rear were simply painted over with a color I mixed from green, blue, and black. I just spitballed the color to be reasonably close to the green on the model. Once the engines get a weathering treatment, the slight differences in color won't be noticable anymore.

Finally, I applied the first round of decals. This process is taking longer than I expected. So even though I'm working on both engines in parallel, I won't get done tonight, which means they won't operate at the ops session tomorrow. Bummer.

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