Saturday, May 07, 2016

Biggest Little Air Show at Hiller Aviation

Pascal and I went to the Biggest Little Air Show at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos this morning.

It's a mostly a model airplane show, with some impressive feats, but there were also some unusual flying contraptions. Starship Enterprise, a flying dude (you can see the feet in the photo below), an eagle, ...

The line to the 747 cockpit was pretty long, but we endured and Pascal got to take the pilot's seat. Ready for take-off.

The air show was capped off with an aerobatics show by Vicky Benzing in her 1940 Boeing Stearman biplane. Quite impressive, unfortunately she performed over the bay, about half a mile away from the San Carlos airport, likely for safety reasons. Unless you had a very good zoom lens on your camera, you only saw a winged spot moving around in the sky billowing out a big plume of smoke.
By the way, that's Alan Eustace, former Google VP of Engineering, on the left.

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