Monday, May 09, 2016

Emsingen: Freight Ramp

After scoring the styrene strips to give the impression of individual edge stones, I sprayed the whole loading ramp with Tamiya Fine primer. I'm very pleased with how quickly the primer dries. Almost no wait necessary before I could continue working. The top of the ramp got a wash made from alcohol, water, and black ink, which added some depth to the cobblestone and created a pleasing uneven shadow effect.

I painted the sides with acrylics, but wasn't happy with the result. Too much gray. Adding dirt didn't help. So, I dry-brushed various shades of light brown on the sides (Sand, Mud, Dirt, ...) and that got me closer to the effect I was after. While at it, I also dry-brushed a couple shades of gray on the top to create some more variety and texture.

 The difference is hard to see in the photo, since it is subtle, but it makes the ramp details pop. The ramp needs to be raised by about 1mm, and I'll add some dirt and weeds along the bottom edge to hide the damage to the "concrete" hardboard from the excavation a month ago.

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