Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Dave Parks' Cumberland West: Keyser

Tonight I'm running one of the two switcher engines at Keyser Yard. Keyser is the coal marshalling yard on the B&O and can get quite busy, though it was quite manageable tonight. The double-track main line runs through the center of the photo. The west-bound yard tracks on the right handle mostly empties going to the coal mines, while the east-bound tracks on the left handle loaded coal cars.

Extra 7604 pulled by a class EM-1 Yellowstone 2-8-8-4 locomotive has pulled into Keyser Yard and terminates here. On Dave's layout many of these coal trains run with up to 35 cars, and are quite a sight.

Towards the end of the session I switched jobs and ran the Keyser Local from West Virginia Junction Yard on the Western Maryland to Luke, switched the WestVaco Paper Mill and then a couple more industries in Piedmont on the way home to Keyser.

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