Thursday, May 30, 2019

Northwest Railway Museum

The Northwest Railway Museum has a modern shed just East of downtown Snoqualmie with a small but relevant collection of artifacts and rolling stock from the days when the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and logging companies dominated the area.

This Fairbanks Moose H12-44 switcher (Engine #1) is nicely restored.

It's primary duty was to haul lumber from the White River Mill to the Northern Pacific Railway at Enumclaw, WA.

The caboose usually used with #1 is also in the collection of the museum and restored on the outside.

Not all rolling stock is this nicely restored. However, with the large train shed building, they are at least not rotting away exposed to the elements.

I liked this NP reefer, and especially the description how oranges from California were prepared for their travels north and packed in refrigerated cars.

There's more information about the museum and he exhibits at

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