Thursday, May 02, 2019

Untergroeningen Track Arrangement

Putting together the turnouts and aligning them on Homasote. It turns out that the way the angle of the Peco wye is a little bit too flat for my needs, so the angle whole station lines up about 2 degrees off from where I need it. Not a problem! On the Fremo side of the station I'll add 2 inches of track continuing the 1800mm radius curve of the wye turnout. This will align the straight station tracks so that I have sufficient space for buildings and scenery on both sides of the tracks.

Below is a view of the module across two of the three planned segments. First from the north side of the station.

And here from the south side of the station. The two turnouts in the front will be located on a triangular segment that I still need to build. I will try to scratch-build the unique Untergroeningen locomotive shed with inspiration from photos found on the Internet. The building was torn down when tracks were pulled on the Obere Kochertalbahn in the early 2000's.

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