Saturday, May 11, 2019

Untergroeningen: First Train!

I reached another milestone tonight: The first time a locomotive successfully ran on my converted Peco turnouts. Wiring the module to get to this point took much longer than I had anticipated, mostly because I couldn't take substantial shortcuts. The turnouts need polarized frog rails. The outer rails need to be powered between turnouts. Separately. The bus wires need to be run and connected, too. etc etc etc

Now that I confirmed that this works in principle, I want to test the tracks and track geometry with several newer and older Maerklin locomotives before I install more turnouts, since there is a good possibility for gremlins lurking in some corners. However, getting to this state gives me more confidence not only that the approach is feasible, but also that I can execute it.

Here's a video of the inaugural train traversing the turnout ladder.

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