Thursday, May 30, 2019

Northwest Railway Museum: Outside artifacts

Along the road between Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Falls is an outside storage area where the Northwest Railway Museum keeps more artifacts that are slowly rotting away. This 2-6-6-2 was built 1928 by Baldwin and was donated to the museum in 1965. This engine pulled trains for the museum.

The steam crane is almost begging for backlit photos with the hook, so here you go.

This automobile box car was built for the Great Northern in 1929. The side-doors are extra-wide and the dreadnaught full steel-end doors at the A end can be opened for automobile loading, too. There existed similarly equipped box cars in Germany at roughly the same time.

This 10,000 gallon riveted tank car was built in 1929 and in revenue service until 1972. Later it was used by the museum to haul waste oil for the steam locomotives from Seattle and finally retired in 1989, when rail service to Snoqualmie ended.

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