Sunday, May 05, 2019

Untergroeningen: Progress on Segments

Untergroeningen is starting to come together. This weekend I worked on the north and center segments. In a departure from strictly adhering to the prototype, the north segment will host a Raiffeisen warehouse serviced of course by rail. The track will run right up to about where that box car is located to the left of the wye turnout, and will come off the turnout on the far left. The Raiffeisen warehouse will be a large customer in Untergroeningen.
The north turnout ladder is soldered. I have cut baseboards for the tracks and cut the homasote underlayment, too. I marked the locations of the homasote, and then went to town with the jigsaw.

A little while later I had broken the carefully installed baseboard mounts, and spent the next hour fixing that... sigh.

By the end of day Sunday, both segments had their baseboards cut to shape ...

... and the homasote glued down. The baseboard is 7-ply 3/4" plywood that is a left-over from another project.

In parallel I spent some time building parts of the south segment which will connect to the Welztalbahn for now, but ultimately will be the end of the line in Untergroeningen once installed with the Murrbahn track plan. Here the rear half of the module box is being glued together.

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