Thursday, May 30, 2019

Snoqualmie Falls Hydropower Museum

Generator 5 was installed in the underground cavity of plant 1 at Snoqualmie Falls in 1905. It has a generation capacity of 5600 kilowatts. It uses a Francis turbine, which is more efficient than the Pelton wheels used in the other 4 generators installed at plant 1.

The water enters the turbine from the sides and then falls straight down from the center of the turbine into a draft tube.

The energy of the flowing water is transferred to the shaft of the turbine in form of torque. The shaft is connected to the generator, visible in the rear in the photo at the top of this post.

In 2011 the plant was modernized and generator 5 was moved from plant 1 to the hydropower museum.


The shops building was moved here from its original site and has various artifacts and equipment that was removed from the plant's underground cavity and control room.

Control panel.

Knife switches.

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