Sunday, May 12, 2019

Untergroeningen: Third Segment

Today I built the third segment for the Untergroeningen station. To make room for it, I moved the whole arrangement towards the rear of the garage. Module One is cantilevered off the first Untergroeningen segment held in place only by the three bolts at the Fremo module end plate.

The third segment box is different than the other two Untergroeningen segments. Due to space constraints it needs to be built in a triangular shape. I cut the plywood for this back in December. The short end of the segment needs to be angled to roughly match the turnout angle coming out of the station tracks, so I extended track 1 and arranged the turnouts to get an idea where to cut at what angle.

A while later I had cut the plywood to length and angle, made some gussets and glued it all together.

Tonight I built the south turnout ladder. Next up is building up the roadbed and transition into the station planum around the first turnout.

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