Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Caltrain 227 at Coyote

When I drove the kids to school this morning on Monterey Highway, a Caltrain was barreling down the tracks towards Blossom Hill station. "Huh, they are early", I thought. As I'm dropping off the kids, another Caltrain slowly creeps north. I skip ahead, stop at Coyote and catch it at the crossing with morning sun and foggy Coyote Valley in the background.
That was 227 running almost 10 minutes behind schedule. Therefore, the train we saw earlier was 221, at least 30 minutes late.

I could even have made it to the curve at Metcalf Road, and photograph the train there. However, because I only carried my smart phone, taking a good picture at that location would have likely required to stand in the median of Monterey Highway, which is not really a good spot to hang out.

Given Daylight Savings Time has ended, maybe I should try to catch 227 at Metcalf Road with a real camera, long lens, and photograph across the highway. Hmmmmm ...

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