Monday, November 14, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Kitbash the other building

The other building still standing from the old paper mill at Hallelujah Paper is now basically finished. I haven't really made up my mind what the purpose of this building is. Currently, its main job is to fill a scenic void between the old warehouse and the power station. There will be a couple tanks right next to this building. The idea is to model them as run-down batch digesters, but that's about as far as I got with this yet.

This building is made from leftovers. The side-wall in the front is pieced together from the first story of the second story window front I used to fill out the facade of the old warehouse. Similarly the wall with windows and door in the rear. The loading door section is an extra piece cut to fit. I use a glass tile to make sure the foundation is perfectly flat as everything gets glued together.

Since I used all roof panels from the kits for the old warehouse, I had to make new roofs from 0.060" styrene, topped with strips of black carton. Otherwise, I used the same techniques as for the old warehouse: Polly Scale Rock Island Maroon as base color. A wash from Light Undercoat Grey for the mortar lines. The foundation and sidewalk are done with Tamyia grey primer. A good load of Bragdon weathering powders in dark grey brushed up from the foundation and all over the sidewalk, ramp, and stairs, as well as some light grey brushed down from the roof edge to muck up the walls. Once satisfied, I sprayed it all over with Kraylon Crystal Clear Matte to seal the weathering powders. Kraylon doesn't destroy the weathering like Dullcote does, but it does shift the colors to a slightly darker tone and exposes imperfections in paint coverage. Once that was out of the way, I installed the window glazing, glued on the roof, and gave the roof some dusting with weathering powders, too.

The loading ramp is a scratch-built styrene box. The canopy is a left-over from the old warehouse. I used the foundation pieces from the Freight Office kit, but cut off the molded sidewalks on all but one side of the building, since there's no point to have sidewalks all around this building, and I can use the cutoffs elsewhere in the plant.

This photo also shows where I goofed up: I forgot to paint the underside of the roof overhang before glueing the roof into place. Oh well, I'll fix that tomorrow. There's also a slight bow in the wall, which is more difficult to fix at this stage, but also barely noticeable, so I leave that alone and pay more attention to straight walls --- adding bracing as needed --- next time.

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