Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Chemical Tanks and Unloading

The chemicals unloading area at Hallelujah Paper so far was "represented" by some ABS pipe and an oil loading/unloading platform. With the parts recovered yesterday, I started toying around with various tank arrangements. I closed one end of the pipes with sheet styrene and filed the edges round.

After spray-painting the tanks with Scalecoat II "UP Hopper Car Gray", I remembered why I haven't used this paint for a while. It dries very, very slowly. Once the paint was finally dry the next morning, I played with various arrangements in the space I have available. This is the winning arrangement, with spare space for two more large tanks. The unloading track will run along the front edge.

The paint doesn't take weathering powders well and reacts with matte spray for a very pretty brittle effect, but not what I was after for the tanks. After some swearing and application of Pan Pastels the tanks have varying degrees of weathering and got some concrete foundations, too.

The first catwalks are painted, fixed to the arrangement, and cut to size. For illustration I added some pipes. A decent start, I think. Now I need to attach the ladders and cat walks for the other tanks. Then move on to more pipes.

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