Monday, November 07, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Plant Maintenance

With the Emsingen station segment mostly complete, I'm directing my attention back to the paper mill at Silicon Valley Lines.

The paper mill maintenance shed and the plant office are taking shape. So far I had a cardboard mockup sitting next to the finished paper warehouse with the idea that there will be "some kind of maintenance building filling the gap between the plant office and the warehouse".

On Friday I found a half-finished Walthers kit under the layout that kind of fits what I had in mind. I cut off a wing in the rear to make the building fit the space I have available. The cutoff will be used elsewhere in the plant. The corner on the left needed to filled with "something" to hide an unfinished window opening in the neighboring warehouse. I used Evergreen corrugated sheet and plain styrene to make a platform for an A/C unit. The flat roof gets gravel cover and thus needs framing, done with Evergreen styrene strips.

For some reason the building has a couple doors leading to the outside from the "second floor". One of them is visible from the aisle. Since I didn't have the box or sprues for the kit, I need to improvise.

I happen to have several of Walthers tank car loading platform kits, which have a set of stairs, railings, and grates that can be kitbashed to stairs and a landing.

Add some primer and aluminum paint, and it doesn't look too shabby.

I gave the building some light weathering, throw in some roof decoration, and gravel on the flat roofs. It's good to go down to Silicon Valley Lines tomorrow.
Let's see what else I can whip up before the Open House on Saturday.

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