Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wiring is not my favorite

A model railroad comes with several tasks that I don't quite enjoy as much. Wiring definitely falls into that category. It's a necessary evil and critical for proper operation. Today all the papermill turnouts got their frogs hooked up, and I connected a bunch of feeders to the industry sub-bus. Now the wood yard tracks have power, too, a "minor" detail I overlooked before the first train came to town.

A couple things are left to do. The biggest is re-running a new sub-bus for the mainline through Hallelujah, which was relocated a few years ago, but never hooked up properly. Since the club is working on detection for the mainline, I need to coordinate with the group that runs that project to wire the new bus to the new standard from the get-go.

In other news, the auxiliary building I finished yesterday is now on the layout and the old warehouse is back on my workbench.

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