Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Kitbashing the old warehouse

The old warehouse of the Hallelujah paper mill is a kit-bash from Walthers Freight Office and Freight House kits. I need this building to be two stories high to hide a portion of the continuous running track along the backdrop. The Freight House kit has loading ramps, but is one story. The Freight Office is two stories, but has no loading ramps. Both buildings are too short for what I have in mind.

During the site survey this morning I figured the building will need to be 7 - 8 wall sections long to look right. I have roofs for 7 sections so that's the length I'm aiming for. I photocopied the wall panels from the kits and spent some time cutting and arranging pieces. I focused on the long facade of the warehouse to come up with an approach that minimizes cuts, but creates an interesting building front with a mix of loading doors and office windows. While the major dimensions, pilaster, and window arrangement of the Walthers wall panels are compatible, the details between the one-story and two-story panels don't fit as nicely. Most of the surgery went into the 3x2 section panels from the Freight Office kit. One panel got reduced to 2x2 sections (on the left in the photo above). I cut the other 3x2 panel lengthwise just under the window sills to be mounted above a 1x3 panel of loading doors. To get back to the correct overall panel height and align the window sills with the neighboring 2x2 panel, the height of the 1x3 loading door panel needs to be reduced by 2 rows of bricks. I cut everything and glued the pieces together supported by styrene strips in the back.

I'm going to fill the gap above the two loading doors with brick from DPM panels, but first the glue needs to dry completely.

Update November 9th:

I filled the hole in the corner by cutting an appropriate piece from the one panel that I didn't plan on using. That was easier than trying to fiddle something together from leftovers. I noticed only very late that the windows in this piece are larger than the other second story windows. Oh well.

Just as planned, I had enough parts left over to put together an auxiliary building.

On to part two.

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