Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Next steps

The maintenance department building and the plant office are now planted at their final location at the Hallelujah Papermill at Silicon Valley Lines. What covered most of my work area at home is now just a small part of a large industrial complex. Neat.

Right. What's next?

Hmmm, someone left a locomotive on the mainline. Let's move it down into the paper mill yard. I throw the turnout and the whole block from Igo to Dayton looses power due to a short. What the heck? I throw the turnout back to normal and the short stays. What the heck? ... Some head-scratching, looking for derailed equipment, tracing wires, etc. ... later, the short mysteriously disappears. What the heck? ... I throw the turnout again ... no short. I throw it again ... short.

Eventually I realize what the problem is: A tiny blob of solder occasionally connects the metal pads on the throwbar of the turnout. That looks like a shoddy solder job, too. Must have been me, even though I don't remember doing this.

Once that was squared away, I spent some time laying out the Recycled Paper warehouse. The idea is that this belongs to the "old" part of the mill before the mill was significantly expanded. The boiler house next door with some old batch digesters is still in place as well. The buildings will be kit-bashed from the Walthers Freight Office and Freight House kits. The warehouse, just like the paper machine building, needs to hide away the continuous running track along the backdrop and won't have much of a rear wall. The freight dock will gain a second story with parts from the Freight Office kit and DPM wall panels. Whatever is let will be used to build the boiler house

The new digester in the back will be connected to a system of covered conveyor belts leading to wood chip piles on the far right of the photo below.

The photo below gives an idea of how massive this industry is, even with almost every building being half relief.

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