Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Sunday with trains in Switzerland

This Sunday, Balazs joined me for a trip from Zurich to Kaeserbergbahn and Montreux. We used a SBB day pass and were riding the rails for more than 12 hours. I broke up the trip report into multiple posts and linked them below.

Zurich - Fribourg: The first leg takes us to Fribourg in the french-speaking part of Switzerland.
Kaeserbergbahn: We visit the Kaeserbergbahn, a very impressive model train layout.
Fribourg - Vevey: The next leg of our trip takes us to Vevey for a quick layover.
Vevey - Blonay: A short trip up the hills above Vevey.
Blonay - Chamby: A steam train excursion on a museum railway.
Chamby: Exploring a picturesque little station in the Montreux hills.
Chamby - Montreux: Heading downhill to Montreux.
Montreux - Chateau du Chillon: Hanging out on the lake and taking a steam paddle-wheel steam ship to a medieval castle.
Chateau du Chillon: Exploring said castle.
Veytaux - Zurich: The return trip to Zurich

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