Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stuttgart - Zurich

I'm back in Waiblingen, as usual a little bit early. That was a good idea, since the intended RE from Schorndorf to Stuttgart had 30+ minutes delay. I hear GoAhead has some trouble with their new rolling stock. Not a problem, I go to track 1 and board the RE from Crailsheim to Stuttgart Hbf pulled by a former Reichsbahn BR114.

Half of the trains on the departure board in Stuttgart Hbf have a delay notification.

However, my IC to Zurich is on time. As is currently the norm for the train sets made up with SBB cars, an OeBB Taurus pulls the train to Singen.

On the grounds of Eisenbahnfreunde Zollern (EFZ) in Rottweil a classic 114 in TEE livery waits for its next assignment.

In Tuttlingen we meet one of the opposing train sets, also led by an OeBB Taurus.

The HzL DMU departs Tuttlingen at the same time as the IC, which yields this "old and new" photo with the "spare parts" line of EFZ.

Starting in Singen I'm in the last car, no longer hear the Taurus sing, but get a nice view of the Rheinfall.

Arrival in Zurich HB.

Another Re 4/4 II has coupled to the train. Ready for the return trip to Singen.

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