Monday, June 10, 2019

Annweiler am Trifels - Waiblingen

After a few days with other model train enthusiasts it's time to head home. The RB arrives early and has to wait for quite a while for the opposing train. The engineer is becoming impatient. We're leaving Annweiler with more than 10 minutes delay.

The connecting train in Landau waited for us, again a quick transfer on the same platform with no time for photos and off we go towards Karlsruhe. In the meantime it started raining.

IC2267 to Stuttgart was already waiting on track 7. A quick photo, board the train, realize it's not very full, and relax in a compartment.

Arrival in Stuttgart on track 16. The RE to Nuernberg is already waiting on track 15. How convenient...

The Intercity gets to leave Stuttgart Hbf first and saddles the RE with a 5 minute delay due to "Zugfolge".

Arrival in Waiblingen. A nod to the engineer and I take a quick photo at km 0 of the Murrbahn.

I'm back home for one night.

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