Monday, June 10, 2019

Streckenende: Connected

Streckenende traveled in my luggage from California to Germany so that I could connect it to another Fremo-Puko module in Annweiler and verify whether my work is sufficiently accurate. It passed the test, even with the accidental 1mm rail set back. We did find one minor flaw in that I used an end piece with the dutch drainage channel which is wider and a bit removed from the embankment than the German drainage ditch. Not a big deal, just something to pay attention to the next time I order module end pieces.

The photo below nicely shows the difference between Peco Code 100 track on my module and Weinert Code 83 track on the neighboring module. The Weinert track looks obviously better and makes the Peco track look fat. However, since I'm planning to build primarily with K-track, the Peco track remains the better choice for me in order to avoid this effect.

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