Sunday, June 16, 2019

Fribourg - Palezieux - Vevey

From CFK we made it back to the bus stop just in time to catch the 12:04 trolley bus to Fribourg main station. We arrive at the station right on time 12:15 and use the 10 minutes to departure of our train to visit coop-to-go for a quick bite.

On track 1 waits S1 to Thun via Bern operated by bls for its departure at 12:42.

 IR 15 arrives at on time for its 12:25 departure towards Lausanne and Geneva.

We're enjoying the view from the upper deck of the double-deck cars.

Arrival in Palezieux half an hour later.

 A quick look across the street.

S7 to Vevey is ready to depart on track 3. I used the time before departure at 13:07 to take a few more photos.

Palezieux has a very neat station building that reminds me of Faller's Schwarzburg kit.

When I turn around, I notice this rather unusual turnout lever next to the turnout on the neighboring track. This style of lever would normally be found inside a control tower and not out in the elements. I'd love to know the story behind this.

After the northbound and southbound IR15 trains have left Palezieux, our train gets moving. Next stop Puidoux which has a very nice wooden platform roof.

At Puidoux S7 leaves the mainline Fribourg - Lausanne and travels on a very scenic route that cuts through the vineyards and small towns above Lake Geneva meeting the lake shore at Vevey. I had no idea we'd have such a nice view when I selected this route, but congratulated myself on my train map reading instincts.

Vevey is one of these magic towns whose name I remember from travel stories my parents told me. I've never been here and we didn't spend time in town today either. I also didn't know that Nestle is headquartered here.

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