Sunday, June 16, 2019

Veytaux - Lausanne - Zurich

Intercity to Lausanne
At Chateau du Chillon, we missed the boat back to Montreux by a few minutes, so we decided to take the train from Veytaux-Chillon instead, which is only a few minutes walk away, but ooops! the S-Bahn will get there in a few minutes.

Nevertheless, we made it quite comfortably for the 17:20 departure and enjoyed the views from the scenic main line along the lake shore to Lausanne.

Arrival in Lausanne at 17:55.

We take the InterCity via Neuchatel to Zurich, which promises to be not as crowded as the InterCity via Bern. It's operated with an ICN trainset. The station hall in Lausanne is very bright and airy.

It did get a little bit more busy than this, but not by much.

Lake Neuchatel.

Did I mention that I like train travel?

Arrival at Zurich HB shortly after 8pm. What a great day!


Hakk said...

Eine sehr shoerne reiese, nicht?

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