Saturday, June 08, 2019

Waiblingen - Annweiler am Trifels

Starting off to a hopefully fun weekend with lots of trains, I take RE 19416 from Waiblingen to Stuttgart Hbf. Today is the last day of the Winterfahrplan. The operator of this RegionalExpress line will change from DBRegio to GoAhead tomorrow. When the conductor made the arrival announcement at Stuttgart Hbf one could hear this was quite an emotional trip for him.

I had some time, so I walked towards the end of the platform at track 12 and took photos of BR111, the last DB main line electric locomotive series built in Einheitslok-Design with conventional electric motors and still one of my favorite locomotives. Following classes (BR120 and later) utilized three-phase motors and modern chassis designs.

I hear one of the other waiting passengers groan and swear. IC 2164 is now shown as 20 minutes delayed. Sure, why should I not get to enjoy the current Deutsche Bahn? I use the opportunity to take more photos.

More groans a few minutes later. The online BahnApp shows it first, and the platform sign confirms a couple minutes later: IC 2164 to Karlsruhe is canceled, due to "technical problems with the train".

The BahnApp recommends taking IRE 19030 to Karlsruhe Hbf, departure 9:00am for my ticketed trip. However, I had noticed earlier that there's an InterCity leaving from track 9 at 8:42am. Even when I searched for Stuttgart - Karlsruhe only, the App insists on putting me on the IRE. I stroll over to an information person and he confirms I can take the InterCity.  I'm not the only one and I see several faces, families, and small groups that were waiting with me at track 11 before.

5 minutes before arrival, an announcement is made that IC 2266 is leaving from track 8 today. More groans... Here is 101 090 pulling IC 2266 into Stuttgart Hbf track 8.

 40 minutes later I disembark in the station hall at Karlsruhe Hbf.

Since I had a spare half hour I, once again, wandered towards the end of the platform to see if there was something interesting going on. While there was not much train traffic in Karlsruhe, I had noticed an unusual color scheme on the lead locomotive of my Intercity.

Indeed it's a BR101 in "Rheingold" design, a Marketing gag of Die Wilde 13 plus, a German dealer collaboration. Of course, they are selling the respective model, too. A neat idea to create limited edition models, but not really my thing.

For the rest of the trip to Annweiler, DB runs DMUs from Karlsruhe to Landau Hbf where I change trains right across the platform, but no time for a photo.

Arrival in Annweiler am Trifels with one hour delay. Oh well, not a big deal. At least trains run every hour here...

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