Wednesday, June 05, 2019


The new observation terrace at the end of terminal G at SFO is quite nice and provides a nice view of the airport. Yes, it's very bright out here.

That extra fun is needed, since my flight is 70 minutes delayed. I'm not convinced I will make the connection in Frankfurt. Let's see how that works out ...

10 1/2 hours later we docked at Z gates in Frankfurt. It is 10 minutes to boarding for my connecting flight. I already made peace with the fact that I will miss this connection and mentally prepared for walking over to the transfer desk to pick up the boarding pass for a later flight.

To my surprise, Lufthansa had arranged for Ramp Direct Service (RDS) for the flights to Lyon, Basel, and Stuttgart, which means a crew of super-helpful Lufthansa employees collected everyone on these connecting flights right at the arrival gate and put us on a bus.

We got ferried to another terminal, disembarked, walked through a dedicated area to handle immigration where it appears two officers were sitting there just for such groups. Then re-embark on the bus, drive around the terminal and unload the Lyon passengers next to another bus that will take them to their flight.

The rest of the group continued on. We were driven to an outfield position where the Regional Jet to Stuttgart was being prepared for departure. Us two Stuttgart passengers hopped off and the RDS bus drove off with the remaining passengers to drop them with the Basel flight. A great experience and super-effective.

The flight from Frankfurt to Stuttgart is a mere 25 minutes, even less in the air. I made the flight, but my luggage did not. 

Back home for a couple days. The lady at the baggage desk was super-friendly, and the bag is supposed to show up later tonight.

Update 2019/06/06:
The bag showed up the next day and nothing was broken. Yay!

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