Friday, November 04, 2016

Emsingen: Station Overview

Frontal View
I noticed that I didn't take many overview shots of how the station segment fits into its surroundings. Here are a couple shots to fix this deficit.

Maintenance, Station, Town.
And roughly the same angle at night. I will add more lights to the platforms soon.


simmonmt said...

Why the bright white lights on the plaza in front of the station versus the softer, more yellow light used everywhere else?

Bernhard Beck said...

Ah, excellent question.

These are LED lights while the others are bulbs. Some lights can only be had in LED versions. Generally the bulb versions are often older models and relatively clumsy. Yes, the LEDs are bright, and even brighter in the photo than in real life. They also appear very bright because the area over the station tracks and the street in front of the town have no lights yet. I do want to have the area around the tracks where switching takes place lighted quite well to keep the option of running a night time operations session at some point.

What to do about the harsh difference? I'm going to install the missing lights, then reevaluate. If the difference is still rough, add voltage regulators and feed the street lights with only 9V or even 5V, instead of the 12V= they are getting right now. BTW, they are spec'ed for 14-24V= ...